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tfw u remember ur not actually jonathan quick with a bowl cut :/


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12 hottest NHL dads as per this survey- #12: jonathan quick

Jonathan Quick (right) 

Werk it, Jonny.


Jonathan Quick (right)

Werk it, Jonny.

this or that: Henrik Lundqvist or Jonathan Quick


Jonathan Quick iPhone 5 backgrounds asked by anon


still find this incredibly hot


As promised to fuckyeahjonathanquick, here are the two pictures I found of bb!Quickie. The bottom one he’s likely in sophomore year in high school (x) and the top one is from a story called "Here’s A Funny Story About Growing up with L.A. Kings Goaltender Jonathan Quick…" which includes this gem: 

So, after the game, as my Dad and I were carrying the bats and helmets and catching equipment back to his car, Doug (Jon’s Dad) and Jon (the left fielder, apparently), walked with us. Doug Quick was still very pissed about how much his son played. I can’t blame him — Jon was really good at baseball.

“He couldn’t make the practices, it’s not like he just didn’t show up. You’re punishing him for playing hockey,” he kept shouting. Then he threw something in about the car my Dad drove, which I think pushed him over the edge, and prompted a response.

“Doug, I’m not punishing him for playing hockey, I’m rewarding the other kids for playing baseball,” my Dad rather diplomatically screamed back. “If you want him to play hockey all the time, fine — just don’t expect him to have time for baseball, as well.”

Then he said something I will never, ever forget.

“Besides, it’s not like he’s gonna play in the NHL.”

Welp, so much for that prediction.



never forget jonathan quick’s bowl cut